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Awesome Women: Peaches

December 2, 2009

Women in history, politics, and art are not talked about or celebrated nearly as often as they should be. In an effort to change this, periodically I will have posts where I give a short biography\description of a woman who has changed society in some way or has contributed amazing works of art.

Peaches, or Merrill Beth Nisker, is a Canadian born 42 year-old electronic musician that not only writes some pretty awesome songs, but also challenges gender norms. She was formerly an elementary school teacher but all that changed after she released her first album called Fancypants Hoodlum in 1995. In the next five years she developed the Peaches persona and in 2000 her album called The Teaches of Peaches brought her to the front of the electro clash scene.

She is noted for many of her songs being sexually explicit. Songs such as “Fuck the Pain Away” and “Lovertits” are two awesome songs that have some awesomely explicit lyrics. The lyrics for her song “Hot Rod” are:

“You’ll like it when I like you less. No caress, just undress. You’ll like it when we play hardcore. The panty war, then you get pussy galore.”

I’ve always found the term ‘pussy galore’ to be hilarious! Here’s the *cough* interesting *cough* music video for her song “Fuck the Pain Away”

Remarkably, since she’s so up front about her sexuality she isn’t viewed as a ‘whore’ by most people. She’s mostly viewed as that weird girl who has inflatable penises on stage during her concerts. Her songs are sexually explicit- which is shocking enough- but they’re mostly about female sexual pleasure or power which can be particularly shocking to some people.

Gender identity is a big theme in Peaches’ music, often playing with traditional notions of gender roles representation. Her lyrics and live shows consciously blur the distinction between male and female; for example, she appears on the cover of her album Fatherfucker with a full beard.

Peaches has just recently released a new album called I Feel Cream which has much critical acclaim. I personally haven’t heard it yet, but I can’t wait to hear the queen of electronica’s newest creation.